What services do Sanctuary Real Estate offer?

FREE Appraisals

Would you like to know the current market value of your property either for sale or investment?

We offer FREE Appraisals with an easy booking system.

Residential Property Sales

Let our professional Sales Reps act as the negotiators between you and the buyer, getting you the best possible price in today’s market. We handle all administration and marketing to settlement.

Property Management 

Let us manage your investment property, we look after all the day to day activities. We handle the marketing, financial, tenancy and occupancy, administration and risk management.

Strata Management 

Is a specialist area of property management involving the day-to-day operation and management of a property that is jointly owned and comprises multiple units, common areas and common facilities.

Why choose Sanctuary Real Estate to manage your property?

We understand that handing over the keys to your greatest asset can be heart wrenching, however with the expert property managers at Sanctuary Real Estate you can be rest assured that your property is 100% safe. Sanctuary Real Estate follows a carefully devised plan that results in the fastest possible vacancy time.

What rental properties are currently available?

You can view all of our vacancies here!

Can the house remain furnished during a lease?

Yes! We do offer this service on contracts over 6 months.

Should I rent or sell my home?


Call us on today on  (+08) 9258 2700 for more detailed look into which is better for your current situation. Both options are available and neither one can be decided for you. However we can show you what outcomes you are likely to receive in either option.