History Of Sanctuary Real Estate

Sanctuary Real Estate is one of the most experienced agents in the South East of Perth and we have the history to show it!

Established In 1995, Sanctuary Real Estate has been selling properties for more than 20 Years! Our sales agent and principal Peter Swain has been working in the Real Estate industry for over 25 Years.

Do you want to sell your home and…

    • Downsize
    • Up-Size
    • Relocate interstate or internationally
    • Get some investment properties under your belt
    • Find out the value of your property

Sanctuary Real Estate Can Help.

We can even manage your property just to put some extra savings in your pocket or for your next extended holiday. Let’s say you go overseas for 6 months. If you were to rent out your property with us for $500 per week. You could make up to $10,000.00 just for taking a break. It really is just that easy!!

Sanctuary Real Estate partners with some of the top real estate providers Australia Wide including:

These platforms allow our team to boost the time it takes to sell or rent your property to an average time of 1-4 weeks! The quickest our team has ever sold a piece of Real Estate is a whopping 1 Hour!

Whats better is that now is the time to sell with Sanctuary Real Estate with the market in it’s current position you can expect your home or land sold faster than previous years averages. Want to see some of our recently sold properties? Just click here and a new window will open up displaying our showcase of sold properties.

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