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- (30/08/2021)

  1. Install new batteries in smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors
  2. Test & dust all detectors
  3. Test and clean kitchen & bathroom exhaust fans
  4. Vacuum refrigerator coils
  5. Schedule air conditioning inspection
  6. Check fire extinguishers (at least once a month)
  7. Clean gutters, check for leaks & make sure they are attached securely
  8. Clean & seal deck (if needed)
  9. Check foundation for cracks & leaks
  10. Check exterior paint & touch up as needed
  11. Check siding & masonry for damage & schedule repairs
  12. Repair/replace damaged window screens
  13. Inspect seal around windows
  14. Check roof or attic for leaks, mould, moisture intrusion, fire hazards & critters
  15. Get rid of surface mould
  16. Schedule annual septic tank inspection
  17. Schedule annual dryer exhaust cleaning & check up
  18. Check water heater for leaks (schedule inspection if older than 5 years)
  1. Checklist to get your home spring-ready